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Project Unity is about uniting to overcome COVID-19 pandemic as a community. We are all in this together and that is why Asian Focus is reaching out to partner with other local organizations to help a diverse group of people with various needs during this chaotic time. By uniting, we can make a difference and rise as one. If you're interested, we encourage you to join us by clicking below. Collaborating with you as a partner is a privilege and thank you for your support. 

Project Unity

Thank you for your partnership and generosity. Together, we have  raised $24,626.19! 

(Updated Apr 28, 2021)

Angela Hicks
Anh & Tho H Nguyen
Benjamin Uysmith
Charles Matherly & Liyung Matherly
Chia Fei Wang & Eric Wang
Christin Lai
Chuan Chu Lai
Clara Smith
Diamante Arts & Cultural Center

Dinah Lin
Everest Textile Co
Fiona Lin
Frances & Edwin Erasga
HanYi Chen
Hiroko Takamiya
Hsun-Kang Su & Shiow-Rong Tseng Su
Hui Cheng
Huijin Chuang
Jiunn H. Wu
Kwok Ng
Lih Wha Suen
Lily Chan
Linda and Steve Chaplin

Lualhati Gan

Marie Spokas

Mary Ryan

Matthew Sheu
Mei-jue Cheng & Fu-Ming Cheng
Minh Huynh
Nancy Tai
NC Hakka Association
Nian Fo
PACE (Volunteers Of America)
Palpung Lungtok Choeling
Pureland Buddhism of NC
Rajesh Yarlagadda (Singapore)
Roberto Perez
Shu Hwan Chen & Kuo-Fang Chen
Simon Chu & Joanne Chu

Suresh Kakarla

Thomas Gray
Tin-Lup Wong
Uma Tadepalli
Victoria Lai
Vietnamese American Assoc of Raleigh 
Yu Ding
Yun-Lieh Chuu