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Project Unity is about uniting to overcome COVID-19 pandemic as a community. We are all in this together and that is why Asian Focus is reaching out to partner with other local organizations to help a diverse group of people with various needs during this chaotic time. By uniting, we can make a difference and rise as one. If you're interested, we encourage you to join us by clicking below. Collaborating with you as a partner is a privilege and thank you for your support. 

Project Unity

Thank you for your partnership and generosity. Together, we have  raised $25,114.89! 

(Updated May 21, 2021)

Angela Hicks
Anh & Tho H Nguyen
Benjamin Uysmith
Charles Matherly & Liyung Matherly
Chia Fei Wang & Eric Wang
Christin Lai
Chuan Chu Lai
Clara Smith
Diamante Arts & Cultural Center

Dinah Lin
Everest Textile Co
Fiona Lin
Frances & Edwin Erasga
HanYi Chen
Hiroko Takamiya
Hsun-Kang Su & Shiow-Rong Tseng Su
Hui Cheng
Huijin Chuang
Jiunn H. Wu
Kwok Ng
Lih Wha Suen
Lily Chan
Linda and Steve Chaplin

Lualhati Gan

Marie Spokas

Mary Ryan

Matthew Sheu
Mei-jue Cheng & Fu-Ming Cheng
Minh Huynh

Misty Dawn Buonsignore
Nancy Tai
NC Hakka Association
Nian Fo
PACE (Volunteers Of America)
Palpung Lungtok Choeling
Pureland Buddhism of NC
Rajesh Yarlagadda (Singapore)
Roberto Perez
Shu Hwan Chen & Kuo-Fang Chen
Simon Chu & Joanne Chu

Suresh Kakarla

Thomas Gray
Tin-Lup Wong
Uma Tadepalli
Victoria Lai
Vietnamese American Assoc of Raleigh 
Yu Ding
Yun-Lieh Chuu

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