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During this pandemic, we want to share letters of hope to patients and appreciation to our heroes, healthcare and front-line workers. Asian Focus is partnering with hospitals and healthcare centers to spread the love and support for our community. We welcome 

  • Letters with heartfelt messages of hope 

  • Artwork with inspiration and  optimism 

Steps for Writing & Submitting a Letter:

​1.   WRITE – Here are some suggestions on what you can included in your letter:
a.   First Name, Short Bio, Organization you represent.
b.   Words of appreciation for their dedication, commitment, and/or courage.
c.   Notes of encouragement, touching stories, words of inspiration, funny jokes, inspirational/fun artwork.

2.   EMAIL – Send your letter in a .doc, .docx, or .pdf format or  artwork in  a .jpg format to
a.   For artwork or letters to a COVID-19 Patient – write the email subject line as “Letter to COVID-19 Patient”.
b.   For  artwork  or letters  to  a  Healthcare/Frontline  Worker - write the email subject line as “Letter to HealthcareWorker/Frontline Worker”.

3.  ATTACH – Feel free to attach separate image files of photos or artwork to your email.

Rest assured that your letter will be delivered to our partnership network of hospitals and health centers. Spread the word about this campaign to your family and friends.

Let’s all do our part in showing our healthcare heroes and fellow community members how much we appreciate and support them! Be safe and stay healthy. Thank you for uniting with us to overcome this pandemic. 

Project Unity

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