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Lily Chan

Lily Chan

Founder, and former President(2009-2019) /Chairman/Emerita

Lily Chan is a forward-thinking service leader who has started popular programs both nationally and locally. Lily has a strong background in sales and business development. Lily's previous experience includes: work at ILGWU as business agent and worker's advocacy representative, overseeing more than 140 manufacture and contract firms and over 3,000 workers. Her responsibility includes negotiation, conflict and dispute settlements, contract, OHSA and fair labor practice enforcement. Lily’s experience also includes ownership and executive management of a high volume sportswear production company.

As the founder of the Asian Focus Corporation, Lily brings more than 30 years of non-profit and management experience to the organization. She has served in numerous community programs; including service as the Vice President and President of the Triangle Area Chinese American Society.

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